New Learnings: Custom Comparator with STL, const int * const ptr, reference to pointer to const, Operator Overloading

Today, while implementing Huffman Codes (, I learned a few new Things which I thought must be shared:

  1. Adding a custom comparator with STL:
  2. Also in this I learned when and why and how you can overload operators in classes:
  3. Also we can’t overload operator= using friend :
  4. Why Operator Overloading doesn’t work for pointers:
    Also when overloading operators with friend function, one of them arguments must be an instance of the class or reference to it.
  5. The Differences between const int *, int * const, int const * const:
  6. Why cant I pass a non const pointer to a function taking a reference to a pointer to a const as its argument

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